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As an individual I have always been a passionate reader and as a writer I have always felt that it was up to writers to support other writers by reading - and buying books or at least getting them out of the library; the latter of course a far cheaper alternative but still helpful to writers through the PLR scheme.

Most avid readers will have discovered that books overseas are frequently less costly than here and browsing on line bookstores can be just as enjoyable as physically wandering into a shop and much easier to locate   individual books as it only takes a flick of the mouse to move from one shop to another and with modern technology one can even look inside a book. Click on the cover of OUT OF TIME on my website and you will be able to read the opening pages..

 The big snag about buying books on line  has been mailing costs. It has always been frustrating to find the book one wants in a bookshop on the other side of the world at an incredibly reasonable price only to discover that mailing is actually more than the book price!

Not any more; The Book Depository in England sends anywhere in the world FREE! Yes, you read that correctly, and what is more they have a huge list including all Louise Pakeman's novels! Click on  and browse through their extensive lists.  You can also see a map of the world showing just what books are going where all the time.

So much for buying the end product, what about publishing and producing books? OUT OF TIME is published by a POD publisher (Print On Demand) which means exactly that, Instead of vast numbers being printed to sit around in warehouses they are printed as required. Saving paper, and trees. Therefore great for the environment. Good for publishers, not so much initial expense, good for writers, for so long as readers  want copies it need never go out of print; and that means good for readers too. In other words this is a win/win way of producing books.

Novels have -  or should have, a theme as well as a plot. The plot is the story, the theme is what the story is really about. The theme of OUT OF TIME is reincarnation and appeals to anyone who has had odd experiences of  being somewhere before, even though they haven’t, or of knowing someone they have never met before; and that includes most of us.




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