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Posted By Louise Pakeman

Writing is a strange profession because it is such a mixture of positives and negatives. On the one hand we need to hole up on our own with only our computer for company, on another if we don’t go out in the world and mix with others what on earth are we going to have to write about? We also tend to rocket up and down between our highs and our lows, our acceptances and our rejections. And always there is the spectre of the blank mind haunting us. Better known as Writers’ Block’ it affects us all from time to time. How do we deal with it? Join the blog and share any good ideas you have.

I have been completely stuck in the doldrums of writers block with the novel I am writing at the moment. I simply had no idea where it or my characters were going next, or even if they would go at all. Things changed dramatically for me recently in a most bizarre way I have never experienced before. I dreamed my way out of the impasse. O.K. others have dreamed up plots I know but what made this so strange was that in the dream I was not me seeing how and what to write but I was my main character. I knew what she was feeling, what she was seeing, and above all what she was going to do. I was her, inside her head. It was quite bizarre. I woke up remembering, so all I have to do now is write about 60,000 words to get my book completed!

That was one of the highlights of my last few weeks, the other was the arrival in the mail of a complimentary copy of the audio version of my last published novel TELL ME NO LIES. It is beautifully read by the British actress Julia Barry. I have long wanted to hear one of my books read to see how I really wrote, Julia read it so well that I found it hard to believe I had actually written it! In fact it boosted my confidence in myself as a novelist and powered my creativity so much that the long road ahead to actually commit my dreamed up novel to paper appears much less daunting.

Another boost I had in the desert of these long weeks of Writers’ Block was the appearance in Large Print of a very short novel I wrote many years ago. It was published as an e-book  and as a serial in a magazine. This book, THE ROOKS OF ROSELEIGH now published as a Large Print by Chivers in the U.K. was written about twelve years ago. And the fact that it has just gone into this new incarnation highlights two important lessons for writers, NEVER throw anything away and Never, EVER part with ALL the rights in its first incarnation.

I know I cannot expect to dream every time the dreaded Writers’ Block strikes, especially as I have no idea how to trigger such a dream, so any suggestions on how to deal with this insidious ailment gratefully received via the blog.  This blog is not just about me and my books but is intended for all writers to share your frustrations and triumphs.




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